Jura Impressa XS9 Classic

Jura Impressa XS9 Classic

Automatic coffee machine with Cappuccinatore by Jura, usable with ground coffe\Coffe beans. Functions: Adjustable spout\automatic cleaning machine dairy\Cup warmer\Thermoblock system\cups compartment\adjustable intensity\hot water tap\I.P.B.A.S. system\Connector system\LED for cup\built-in cleaning program\filter change indicator\energy saving mode\adjustable water amount\adjustable water hardness\adjustable coffee temperature supply\full savedrop drawer indicator\standby mode\saving flavour cover\Zero Energy Control\decalcification program\Programmable milk quantity\active monitoring of the grains\2 cups function\Claris - Aqua Filter System\grinder Aroma +, integrated coffe grinder. [cod. 13664]

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Impressa XS9 Classic

Product series Jura IMPRESSA
Type Automatic coffee machine with Cappuccinatore
Espresso Machine Type Automatic
Pods System
Beverage type Cappuccino, Latte macchiato
Coffe beans loading
Coffee grounds container capacity [gr] 280 gr
Ground coffee
Built-in Grinder
Cup Warming Surface
Water filter
Pressure System
Pressure [bar] 15 bar
Otras características